Wood Stoves - Firebelly


The baby of Firebelly Stoves, it's well proportioned to look at home in most interiors. The large window gives a great view of the flames and the view stays clear as the 'airwash' system keeps smoke particles back from the glass. The Teknilite fire bricks reflect radiant heat from the burning fuel into the room through the large window and distribute heat from the body of the stove. The effect of this is that the heat generated from the burning fuel is used to heat the room and not simply drawn away up the chimney, or radiated back into the chimney breast.

  • Wood.
  • Steel construction.
  • Heat output 4kW
  • 78% Efficiency
  • Air-wash system
  • Available in Matt Black, Sunset, Sky Blue, Green Illusion, Gold, Rich Brown Metallic, Shimmering Rose, Honey glow Brown, Mojave Red, Surf Sand, Mauve, Blue Metallic, Metallic Brown, Pewter, Moss Green Metallic, Charcoal, Forest Green and Metallic Black

Height 530mm x Width 420mm x Depth 327mm